World Crusade Re-issue

We’d like to announce that there is a new t-shirt exclusively availablefrom Sweetest Plum, our official merchandisers.It’s a re-issue shirt from the 1988 World Crusade tour and images can be seen and it can be ordered by visiting the Sweetest Plum website.Keep the faith. MWIS


Martin Gilks

I’d like to say how saddened and shocked I am to hear of the death of Martin Gilks, the former Wonderstuff drummer.Martin died, aged 41, at St George’s Hospital, Tooting, on Monday April 3 of internal injuries following a motorcycle accident in London on Sunday. He leaves a son and daughter and my thoughts and […]


April 1st

It seems that my ‘little’ April 1st joke has fooled some of you. Others not. I mean, I’m so over Ikea…….Anyway, my apolgies to anyone that was offended or inconvenienced or went out and spent £69 on tickets to see SOM on the strength of my hoax. I hope there’s been a lesson learned….Save your […]


Stop Press – Wayne To Rejoin Sisters

After a recent chance encounter at Ikea in London between Wayne and Andrew Eldritch, Wayne is to rejoin the Sisters Of Mercy as guest guitarist for the remaining shows of the current SOM tour. This is all we know at this point but we’ll bring you more news as soon as we can get it.We’re […]


MGT Back In The Fold

After the success of last years shows in South Africa and the ‘Lighting The Candles’ tour when guitarist Mark Gemini Thwaite rejoined the band to cover for a committed-elsewhere Rob Holliday, it has been decided that, due to Rob’s ever increasing workload with The Prodigy and his own band, Sulpher, and because of his inability to be […]


Breathe Me In Video / Interviews

At long last the David Iglesias directed feature film, ‘Mercenary: the nameless warrior’, is receiving it’s premiere in Madrid on Friday April 7th. This is the film that Wayne wrote and recorded the recent Mission single ‘Breathe Me In’ for. To coincide with the film’s release David has put together a video for the song […]


Win A Signed Copy Of Anthology

Universal are offering a chance for you to win a signed copy of "Anthology" – for more information click here – Good luck!Additionally (and finally) I am putting the final touches to the new MWIS site which will be published this weekend (all things being well). This will mean that the site may be offline […]


Anthology Art Cards Available

You can now download Art Cards for Mission Anthology – an AAE version is also available.


Fur Is Dead – Sign The Pledge

If you believe, as I do, that the slaughter of innocent animals for fur, for human vanity, for cosmetic use & research, or for anything for that matter, is wrong then please go to the following website and sign their pledge, as I have done, and help them achieve their goal of 75,000 signatures BEFORE […]


Wayne Interviews Part 1

Wayne has conducted a numnber of interviews recently. This particular one was done for a German website, he seems to think, sometime prior to the recent Lighting The Candles tour. Wayne has sent us several of these interviews and we will post one a week for the next few weeks. Enjoy!Read the interview

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